Toyger: Little house tiger with character

The toyger looks like a little tiger, but is a cuddly one, dear guy. His character is usually very pleasant and uncomplicated, so on the whole he is just a nice roommate. Little tiger with a friendly character: The Toyger - Image: Shutterstock / Vivienstock

Even if it looks wild, the Toyger is one of the calm, balanced cats who do not necessarily need huge action and a life as a free lover every day. But that doesn't mean that the special fur nose is boring.

Adorable and playful: The Toyger

Playing is one of the great passions of the cute striped room tigers. In addition, the mini tigers are smart and have a high willingness to learn. If you want to learn a few tricks with them in addition to fun and games, you will quickly notice how skilfully they do it. With cat agility and clicker training, they are usually happy to be there.

Affectionate cat

The Toyger is very affectionate and likes to spend as much time with its people as possible. Children love, as representatives of this breed of cats are usually, they are usually in good hands in households with children and integrate wonderfully there. Robust, playful and self-confident, like the Toyger, they usually make very loyal friends to younger family members.

Tiger cats: striped room tigers to fall in love with

Together with other cats, they are usually cuddly and tolerable and, like most cats, are happy about an animal of their own kind who has grown up with them in terms of temperament and physical prerequisites. If you only want to bring a Toyger into the house, you should take a lot of time for it, but be aware that it cannot replace a fellow man.