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What does a pregnant cat need?

A pregnant cat has special needs. You can find out here how you can do justice to this and what the expectant cat mother needs. Allow your pregnant cat space and rest - Image: Shutterstock / Lilla Czesznak

Rest is one of the most important things a pregnant cat needs. In this case, the velvet paw only stresses too much hustle and bustle. Offer her as many retreats as possible - so at best leave all doors open so that your pet can choose how close it is to people. Especially when there are children in the house, these oases of calm are important for the cat.

More tips for the expectant cat mother

When it comes to nutrition for the pregnant cat, you should focus on high quality. Good quality of the feed is always important - but if your velvet paw is expecting young, it should be a priority that they get all the important nutrients in sufficient quantities. It is best to ask your veterinarian which varieties he can recommend.

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Pregnant cat: nest preparation

In the last few weeks of your pregnancy, your cat will probably build some "nests" where she can potentially give birth to her kittens. You can help her prepare: put several large boxes or baskets in front of her and line them with cozy blankets. If the pregnancy situation actually occurs for the pregnant cat, it may well be that the velvet paw chooses a completely different place. So give your pet all the options - this helps to make the birth less stressful.