English Setter: Tips for keeping

A sporty, active dog like the English Setter needs a tempered attitude to be happy. Find out what you should offer him here. The English Setter loves to let off steam - Image: Shutterstock / Glenkar

Before you buy a dog that likes to run like the English Setter, think carefully about whether you can offer it the necessary exercise and action for the posture. He loves to move and is fit like a sneaker.

Walk with the English Setter

The English Setter needs extensive walks in nature every day and doesn't mind if it goes a little faster. He likes to run on a bike, on a horse or with his owner while jogging.

Of course, his strong hunting instinct should never be forgotten on the way - always keep a close eye on your fine-nosed dog so that he does not go on tours on his own.

More tips for keeping

Anyone who exhausts him properly will experience the pretty, long-haired four-legged friend in the house as a calm, cuddly and balanced contemporary who will delight the whole family with his lovely, meek manner. In general, the English Setter is better off in a household where there is a lot of hustle and bustle than in a too quiet one, because this sociable dog quickly gets bored.

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With varied activities beyond walking, you will of course delight the active, clever setter - how about dog sports, for example? In addition to the time for sufficient workload, you should also take enough time to care for the dog. It's best to brush and untangle its silky fur every day so that it doesn't get caught.