Correct posture for the Jack Russell Terrier

The Jack Russell Terrier is a happy and persistent dog who loves to run and play a lot. A lot of space, exercise, good dog training and family connection are essential for his appropriate attitude. Important for the attitude: Jack Russell Terriers need a lot of work - Image: Shutterstock / cynoclub

The funny "Jacky" is more suitable for keeping in a house with a garden than for that in a city apartment. He has an uncanny need for movement and employment, he is also vigilant and often very bell-happy. Under the right conditions, he is still a wonderful family dog ​​with whom you can walk through thick and thin.

The Jack Russell Terrier as a family dog

There are many reasons for the small four-legged friend from Great Britain to be kept as a family dog. Jackies, for example, are often absolute fans of children and are patient, lovable and playful towards them - provided, of course, this subtle quality is not deprived of them by lack of upbringing, socialization or bad experiences.

The Jack Russell Terrier feels particularly comfortable in active families who are outdoors a lot and want to spend a lot of time with their four-legged friends. Too little utilization is not good for this lively four-legged friend.

Posture with games, sports and fun

The Jack Russell Terrier is an enthusiastic and talented athlete. Accordingly, he usually does very well in dog sports such as agility and dog dancing. He is also very happy to be taken along as a companion for riding or on a bike, because the long running is just right for his endurance.

Also retrieval and water games should not be neglected in his attitude, because the cute dog loves them, who is also a big fan of variety.

Walk with the Jacky and other special features

When walking with a funny little terrier of this breed, its owners should always keep a close eye on him, because the four-legged friend has a lot of hunting instinct. A good upbringing is fundamental here.

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The cute dog usually enjoys very robust health and has no objection to walks in wind and weather. Of course, you should still make sure that your little friend does not freeze and have him checked by the veterinarian regularly.