Cold dog: treatment options

A cold dog is not necessarily a cause for concern. As long as there is a slight cough and runny nose, your four-legged friend will get you fit again with these treatment options. A dog with a cold needs a lot of rest - Image: Shutterstock / anuruk perai

Cough and a sniffing nose: A cold dog often struggles with these symptoms. The most important thing for your little patient - as with a human - is rest and a warm place to sleep. Allow your pet a few days to regenerate and take short walks with him. A lot of sleep is worth gold in this case.

Treatment options: Drinking a lot is important

One of the most important treatment options is that your dog has a lot of fluids when he has a cold. As with us humans, water helps flush out the cold bacteria. If your patient does not want to drink enough on his own, you can soak dry food a little with water and trick him into something. In any case, you should refrain from giving him medicines intended for humans.

Watch your sick dog - if the symptoms do not improve after a few days of this light therapy, you should definitely go to the vet with him.

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Cold dog: does he need medication?

If your dog has a fever of more than 38.5 degrees Celsius, or if the discharge from the nose turns greenish or yellowish, you should also consult a doctor. There could be a bacterial infection that requires medication. Other treatment options in the case of a strong cough, for example, are cough suppressants. The vet may also prescribe an antibiotic for your pet.