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Rottweiler: Intelligent dog with a strong character

The Rottweiler is not an easy character. In the right, experienced hands, he is a great dog, but he will never forget his guard and protective instincts. Each Rottweiler has a different character - Image: Shutterstock / Rita Kochmarjova

The Rottweiler has an attentive, intelligent and very strong character. If he is well educated and socialized, he is a loyal friend and a loving, devoted protector. That he is still not a dog for beginners is due to his strength and instincts.

The Rottweiler: A watchful powerhouse

The Rottweiler has a distinctive protection, guard and herding drive, which corresponds to the tasks for which he has been used since the beginning of his breeding. These characteristics do not make him very easy, because even if he is well behaved, he will always retain a certain independence in his character. This can lead him to act differently than his owner wishes. For example, he can independently assess situations, misjudge dangers and start defending his master, although it is not necessary. In addition, if a person he does not know enters the property, he can become much more uncomfortable than a dog who has no instinct to instinct.

Dominant character

The Rottweiler can show stubborn and stubborn features, especially if it is handled with insensitivity. Dogs of this breed, especially males, are usually very dominant and have an almost unshakable self-confidence.

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Aggressive behavior, like all dogs, can occur with poor upbringing, socialization or posture and can be far more dangerous with a stubborn and strong dog like this than with a smaller pet bred as a companion dog. For this reason, it is particularly important to choose an animal from responsible, good breeding and to educate it professionally and carefully.