Großer Münsterländer: Education and training

The fact that the great Münsterländer is a clever, docile and easy-going dog does not mean that it is easy to train - at least not under all conditions. What needs to be considered during training? Großer Münsterländer: The hunting instinct does not make the upbringing very easy - Image: Shutterstock / AnetaPic

If you keep and train the large Münsterländer as a hunting dog, it will be easy with this four-legged friend. When he is busy and can do his favorite job, he learns incredibly quickly and is ready to cooperate with his master.

Raising the puppy

The dog is happy about praise in the upbringing, of course, but is usually already highly motivated. As with every dog, the large Münsterländer is already working as a puppy on the basics of dog training. "Seat", "space" and Co. should sit very quickly with the dog who loves to learn. He should also be socialized sensitively and carefully. If he gets enough exercise and can pursue his passion, his upbringing shouldn't be a problem at all.

Big Münsterländer: channel hunting instinct

It becomes more difficult if this four-legged friend is not kept as a hunting dog. The best upbringing is of no use if the housing conditions are not right. In this case, the four-legged friend should be kept with a lot of exercise and exercise, so that it is balanced enough to concentrate on obedience and proper behavior towards other dogs.

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He should also be able to channel his hunting instinct into another occupation. Retrieval training, dog sports, or training to be a search or sniffer dog are a good idea. Anyone who gives the four-legged friend a task that demands the musculoskeletal system and the head does something good for him and creates the ideal conditions for basic education and socialization to be effective. Attending a dog school or cooperating with a dog trainer makes sense in many cases.