Get used to kitten: First day in the new home

If you want to acclimatize your kitten, one thing cannot be avoided: the first day will be exciting for the animal child. With a few tips, you can make the little fur nose as comfortable as possible. The first day in the new home is exciting for a kitten - Image: Shutterstock / Kuttelvaserova Stuchelova

Before you settle in your kitten, you should already have bought everything your little one needs. The initial equipment includes, for example, food and water bowls, a comfortable litter box, cozy sleeping spaces, kittens-friendly toys and scratching opportunities. To make it easier for your kitten to get used to it, you should also have bought the same cat litter and cat food that they got in their previous home.

Prepare a room

Before you pick up your kitten, which you have visited a few times in the best case, set up a room in your apartment with everything the little one needs for the first day. Also make sure to remove possible sources of danger: plants poisonous for cats, gift ribbon, plastic bags, sharp and pointed objects and everything that could hurt the junior should be unreachable for him. An old towel or something similar that smells of his old home may make it easier for the kitten to drive to his loving new home.

The kitten is moving in

At home, the little kitten then expects a quiet environment - of course without a visitor. Bring the transport box into the prepared room, close the door and open the box. Let the kitten decide when it wants to come out and at what speed it wants to explore the room. Calm your fur nose by speaking to her fondly. Your newcomer will probably hide for the time being or will not dare out of the box. Give him time and try at most to lure it out with a toy or some food.

First day in a new home

In any case, make sure that your little kitty doesn't have to travel too far to the water bowl and the litter box. It is particularly important that she drinks something in between, if she does not want to eat on her first day, it is not that wild - nevertheless, there should always be something fresh available.

Kittens: The right age for delivery

The correct age for the delivery of kittens is actually about twelve weeks. Nevertheless…

On the other hand, there is nothing to be said against playing a little with the little four-legged friend or petting him when he approaches you. When your new pet has explored the room and is getting a little bolder, you can open the door and use it to show him whether he wants to look a little further in the apartment. Here, too, a calm and informal approach is important.