Galgo Espanol: special features of education

In itself, the Galgo Espanol is easy to train. He wants to please his people, is smart and docile. Of course, this dog also has its small problem areas: the hunting instinct, the sensitivity and its fearfulness. You can find a few tips on how to handle the beautiful sighthound here. The Galgo Espanol is a sensitive dog that needs a loving upbringing - Image: Shutterstock / Xseon

As with all dogs with a hunting instinct, it is very important to carefully train the four-legged friend. He has to listen to you very well and it is best to work with a dog trainer or in the dog school from the beginning. The goal is to be able to let the dog in need of running run without a leash, and that requires a little preliminary work.

Socialize the Galgo Espanol well

What is also incredibly important is to spend a lot of time in socializing the dog and to start with the puppy. Although he is extremely tolerable and lovable with his fellows, he tends to be shy and fearful. So that he can handle other dogs well and confidently, he should have many good experiences with other dogs from a young age, because the interaction with other fur noses is important to him.

Even as a youngster, the sensitive, reserved dog should come into contact with many different people. He is usually not a big fan of strangers and will always take a while to get used to someone, but of course he should go through life with as little fear as possible.

Important in education: gentle consequence

When it comes to education, it is always important to find the right level of things. With this sensitive you should be consistent, but in no way too strict or too hard, because he can handle it badly.

Galgo Espanol: Spanish, sporty, beautiful

And finally another important thing: As lovable and balanced as the Galgo Espanol is by nature: a sporty greyhound like him absolutely needs enough capacity to always show his best side. So be sure to keep it according to its needs.