Burned paw: first aid for the cat

If the cat has burned its paw, hot stoves, burning candles or boiling water are among the most common causes of the injury. These first aid measures can help your injured pet. A burned paw is painful for the cat - Image: Shutterstock / Maly Designer

If a cat has burned its paw, the extent of the injury depends on how long the four-legged friend has been in contact with the hot substance, the source at which it was burned and how hot it was. With a bit of luck, the Stubentiger will get away with a fright and a hot paw, and with bad luck he has suffered a bad burn that needs treatment. Give your cat first aid as described below.

First aid with cold water

If your cat has burned its paw, you should immediately start cooling the affected area under running water. Soothe your fur nose in a low voice - if it still struggles too hard, you can carefully wrap it in a towel so that it can be held better in your arms. The head should of course be left out. The project may also be easier for two. But also think about yourself: if it doesn't work at all, your pet is aggressive with pain and scratches and bites, you'd better watch the vet quickly than put yourself in danger.

Cool the burned paw

After you have cooled the paw under running water for ten to 20 minutes, you can wrap a cooling element, which you always have in the freezer for emergencies, with a kitchen towel and hold it on the paw. You should refrain from creams, healing ointments and home remedies, because the cat would most likely lick them off and thus be exposed to a further health risk. If the wound is open, cover the injury with a sterile cloth and see a veterinarian as soon as possible who will take care of the further treatment.

First aid for cats: tips for emergencies

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As with all injuries, the following also applies to burns: It is better to visit the vet once too often than once too little to have the injury treated as quickly as possible. If you are a fan of Bach flowers and have emergency drops at home, this emergency is a good time to use them and make your pet's trip to the veterinarian easier.