Which diet is suitable for dogs with epilepsy

The diet of dogs with epilepsy depends on whether it is the primary or secondary form. In principle, however, affected dogs need rest and as varied a diet as possible. Dogs with epilepsy need a lot of rest - Image: Shutterstock / Giancarlo Liguori

Various causes can be responsible for dogs suffering from epilepsy. The diet depends primarily on what triggers the seizures.

Differences in nutrition in secondary and primary epilepsy?

Primary epilepsy is probably a congenital disease, but the causes of it are not yet fully understood. Secondary epilepsy is a side effect of metabolic disorders such as diabetes, brain injuries and certain infectious diseases.

The primary form can usually not be cured, so in addition to nutritional richness and variety, the diet should also serve to reduce seizures. Artificial additives in dog food are suspected of causing seizures. Although this has not been proven beyond any doubt, it can do no harm to avoid the additives as much as possible, for example by cooking the dog food yourself. In the secondary form, the diet depends on the underlying disease that triggered epilepsy. Your veterinarian can help you with appropriate tips.

What else dogs with epilepsy need

In addition to a balanced diet that may be adapted to the underlying disease, dogs suffering from epilepsy need rest. Animal patients experience seizures especially when they are under too much stress, physical and mental overload, too much training, loud noises and other unsettling situations.

Dogs with epilepsy: treatment and prognosis

Dogs with epilepsy are carefully examined by a veterinarian before treatment. Only when the ...

So make sure that your loved one has a place to retreat, remains undisturbed while eating and is not as often exposed to changes and other stressful conditions.