Feeding the cat too thin: tips

You can recognize a cat that is too thin by the fact that the ribs and pelvis bones are clearly visible. The muscles are also mostly receded and the velvet paw now needs a little support to get back from a normal weight to its underweight. What does a too thin cat need to get back to normal weight? - Image: Shutterstock / Yanukit

If you have a cat that is too thin, you should first clarify why she is underweight. If an illness or parasite is to blame for the weight loss, veterinary measures will cause the velvet paw to increase again. The first course always leads to the vet. Even after that, you can do a lot - preferably in consultation with the doctor - for your too thin pet.

The right cat food for cats that are too thin

You can buy a special cat food for four-legged people with underweight from your veterinarian, but you can also use normal food. In the latter, make sure to choose a high-quality variety with a high meat content and a balanced composition of all important vitamins. However, if the cat is too thin, a crucial factor is that it eats the food well. If in doubt, your favorite variety is better than a feed that has the perfect composition but is poorly accepted. It is best to take several types of food home with you if you are not sure which type your cat eats well and give it a try.

Feeding tricks

If possible, feed wet food to the main meals and portion it into small, regular meals that are distributed throughout the day. Your veterinarian may also recommend additional food that is then mixed in. High-quality dry food and cat snacks should only be fed in between, for example as a reward. Since your room tiger does not have to pay attention to its line, you do not have to be as careful here as you are with an overweight cat.

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Tuna without oil, unseasoned chicken without bones or some cottage cheese in the feed: what tastes good to your skinny cat is well suited to help her put on a little more weight. If the velvet paw eats badly, you can try to give it pleasure with slightly warmed up food or a little beer yeast that you put under the food.

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