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Leave your dog alone on vacation? alternatives

Vacation time is travel time. But for people with a dog there is often a downer: The beloved four-legged friend cannot always be taken along. What to do? In the kennel, the dog feels more comfortable than alone at home - Shutterstock / The Dog Photographer

Can't the dog travel with you? For many pet owners, the solution to this problem is very obvious: the dog stays in its familiar environment, and a nice neighbor brings fresh food and water every day. These people forget: dogs are pack animals, long loneliness contradicts their nature. So look for alternatives for your beloved four-legged friend when the next vacation is coming.

Private, hotel or pension: dog accommodation

The simplest solution, if your dog cannot go on vacation with you, would of course be to organize private accommodation for him: maybe friends of you who already know the animal well have enough space and time. If this is not possible, there are alternatives: in many cities and municipalities there are dog hotels and dog boarding houses that specialize in taking care of pets. In general, dog hotels offer a lot of comfort, but are usually much more expensive than guest houses.

Dog transport boxes

Small, large, made of plastic or fabric: If you are looking for a transport box for your dog, you have ...

How to choose the accommodation for your four-legged friend

Take care of a pension or a hotel for your Wauwau as early as possible, because the demand for accommodation is often very high, especially during peak travel times. Maybe someone from your acquaintance price has a personal recommendation for an institution? If not, you should definitely visit them in advance. During your visit, make sure that your four-legged friend will feel comfortable here: is there enough exercise space? Do the animals make a relaxed and satisfied impression? Is the system clean? The presentation of a vaccination certificate (EU pet passport) and health certificate should also be mandatory for every temporary resident here - after all, your pet should not be infected with diseases.