"Where's the sandwich?" Cheeky dog ​​stole food

The owner of the dog in the video misses her sandwich. Does the four-legged friend have anything to do with the missing food? The woman asks in a stern voice where the dog hid the sleeve. He turns his head to the side and doesn't seem to know who might have committed the theft. Mysterious…

"Saban, where's my sandwich?" The woman asks her dog, who actually wants to make himself comfortable on the sofa. "I don't know what you're talking about," the four-legged friend seems to want to tell her. But the food detective doesn't give up: "Did you hide the sandwich in your mouth?" Saban looks at her innocently for a moment and then puts his head on his paws.

"Oh, now just let me sit here," he apparently wants to say. In the end, however, his guilty conscience apparently wins - and he lets a drooling, mushy sandwich plop out of his mouth. "Ahaaaa, there is my sandwich," says his owner. But given the desolate condition of her sandwich, it remains questionable whether she wants to eat it now.

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