Litter box: cat prepare a comfortable bed for the birth

About two weeks before the birth date, it is time to prepare a litter box for your cat. If your expecting cat mom becomes noticeably restless beforehand, it is advisable to set up a cozy retreat for your kitty earlier. Here you will find a few tips on the ideal litter box so that the birth for your fur nose can be as relaxed as possible. This Siamese cat mom with her kittens is really cozy in her litter box - Shutterstock / MW47

Your expectant cat mother needs one thing above all for the birth: rest. A lovingly and practically equipped litter box for the cat is half the battle. But what needs to be considered?

What does a litter box for cats look like?

A litter box for your cat resembles a larger cat cave or a cat house. Again, it is important to set up a safe, comfortable house for your fur nose. However, there is also the fact that your expectant cat mother will not leave the crate often in the first weeks after birth and that the kittens must also be safe. This means that the entrance should be a little raised so that the mini-cats do not accidentally push away, but still not too high so that your pregnant velvet paw can get in and out comfortably. Practical are closed boxes with removable lids and changeable elements so that the entrance height can be adjusted as required. You can see an example of this in the following video:

Make sure that the litter box for your cat is in a quiet place without drafts, through traffic and everyday hustle and bustle. It should also be nice and warm. Ideal is a room where you can close the door if necessary, but which is still easily accessible for your fur nose. However, your salon lioness may ignore the box. In this case, just try a different location - maybe your mom-to-be will also show you where she would like to be for the birth. Very important: Place the litter box, water and food near the crate so that your kitty doesn't have to walk that far when nature calls.

This is how the baby kittens are born

When kitten is born, you can fully trust the instincts of the cat mom ...

Build a litter box for your cat yourself

You can buy a litter box for your cat, but you can also build it yourself with relatively little effort. The main things are that you can take off the roof to help your velvet paw if need be, and a little bit more access. Otherwise you can convert all possible larger containers into a litter box. A large cardboard box made of corrugated cardboard fulfills its purpose as does a plastic storage box or a disused, larger trash can. In addition, covered, large litter boxes can be outfitted as litter boxes. Also possible: Buy six wooden boards for the four walls, the floor and the lid from the hardware store and build a whelping box from them. Saw an entrance into the front wall and sand the edges with sandpaper. The lid should be removable or attached with hinges so that it can be opened. You can see a few ideas in the next video, even if it is unfortunately in English:

What you need for the interior of the whelping box

The bottom of the litter box is best easy to clean, as hygiene at birth is important for kitten health. Protection from plastic, linoleum or vinyl serves this purpose. Place a few layers of newspaper over the protective layer; the material is absorbent and easy to replace. Alternatively, incontinence pads are also available from the medical supply store or pee mat for puppies as a pad. Then put warm, cozy blankets, worn clothes or towels over them - terry towels are a bit tricky, however, as your cat could get caught in them with their claws. A heating pad can also be added. The absorbent pad should be changed daily, the blankets and pillows cleaned every day.