Liver Disease: The Right Liver Diet For Your Dog

No matter what type of liver disease your animal suffers from - an individual liver diet is an essential part of any therapy. Because the organ is involved in many metabolic processes, proper nutrition plays a very important role when the liver is damaged. Dogs with liver diseases need a special diet - Image: Shutterstock / Jaromir Chalabala

A liver diet must be tailored to the needs of your four-legged friend. If the liver is impaired, your dog needs some of the nutrients more than usual, but may only consume certain other substances in small quantities to avoid further damage to the organ. Exactly how the recovery diet looks for a liver-sick four-legged friend depends on how far the disease has progressed, how it has gone so far and of course what kind of disease it is.

Recommendations for a liver diet

Basically, the following applies: The energy intake in a liver diet should be slightly above the animal's actual needs. This can prevent the weight loss that usually occurs with liver diseases. Because dogs with liver disease often eat little, you should choose high-calorie food. So your four-legged friend has to eat comparatively little to cover its energy requirements. In general, feeding with many small meals instead of a few large ones as part of a liver diet is particularly recommended.

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Liver disease: Your dog needs it now

In general, the dog food for a liver diet should be rich in fat and carbohydrates, but contain little protein. If the feed contains proteins, they should be of high quality in order to prevent the loss of muscle mass despite the low protein intake. Your dog also needs zinc when the liver is no longer working properly. The trace element helps to break down copper, which could damage the liver considerably. So-called fiber materials, which are obtained from sugar beets or carrots, for example, should also be added to the feed: they reduce the absorption of toxic ammonia from the intestine into the liver. You can order special dog food that meets these requirements exactly, or you can make it yourself according to their instructions. Boiled rice and other pasta are, for example, recommended due to their easy digestibility.

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