Hunting instinct in dogs: innate in many breeds

The hunting instinct in dogs can be uncomfortable for both the four-legged friend and the owner. But there is a very natural instinct behind it. The instinct is innate in many dog ​​breeds. Weimaraner belong to the breeds with a strong hunting instinct - Image: Shutterstock / Bildagentur Zoonar GmbH

Most dogs have a natural instinct to hunt prey. This hunting instinct in dogs is more pronounced in some breeds than in others. Those who buy such an animal need a lot of patience and consistency in their upbringing. It is important that dog owners see the hunting instinct as natural - because it is nothing else.

The innate hunting instinct in dogs

This hunting instinct in dogs is a natural trait that they inherited from their ancestors - the wolves. The wolf had to rely on hunting to get a large portion of its food. This is why some dog breeds have taken over this instinct - even if, of course, they don't have to hunt to get their food. It is also important to know that dogs hunt to be happy. It is not hunger that drives our dogs, but a state of happiness that is felt when hunting through the release of certain hormones.

When walking in the forest or in other extensive facilities where the dog can walk a little, it naturally falls victim to a small animal like a rabbit or a duck. Larger, more powerful animals may even see a smaller dog as prey, hunt it and possibly even injure it dangerously. Educational measures are of course required here to prevent worse things from happening. On the other hand, hunters like to choose such animals as companion dogs.

What triggers the hunting instinct in dogs?

Depending on the dog breed, the hunting passion is different. What triggers the drive in the wild is always a certain attraction. Dogs with long noses and lop-eared ears like the Beagle or Basset usually only need a fresh trail to immediately go into hunting mode. Other dog breeds such as retrievers switch over when they see a visual stimulus, such as a fast-moving creature. You will find valuable tips so that hunting scenes do not occur when going for a walk in the guide: "Dogs with a hunting instinct: tips for more relaxed walks".

Dog breeds with a hunting instinct: suitable for you?

There are many dog ​​breeds with a pronounced hunting instinct. If you want to buy one, ...

These dog breeds have a special hunting instinct

Dog breeds with a pronounced hunting instinct include pointer dogs such as the Weimaraner or the Magyar Vizsla. Hounds like the Beagle also have a strong hunting instinct. But smaller dog breeds also have the instinct: Dachshunds or small terriers are suitable for driving badgers or foxes out of their burrows. Here is a brief overview of dog breeds with a hunting instinct:

• Afghan
• Basset hound
• Beagle
• Dachshund
• German shorthaired pointer
• German long hair
• Fox Terrier Wirehaired Pointer, Fox Terrier Smooth Hair
• Greyhound
• Husky
• Jack Russell Terrier
• Hunting terrier
• Magyar Vizsla
• Münsterländer
• Otterhound
• pointer
• retriever
• Weimaraner